Integrated Surveillance System for hand hygiene.

First worldwide system that alerts user, according to the activity level, when to sanitize their hands. + More


HandSecure save lives

Companies and institutions are constantly incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide innovative products and services. However, the asepsis chain is always broken by the weakest link: the human factor. Consequences have a really high price.

HandSecure identifies and registers the users that fulfilled the hand hygiene protocol and the ones that didn´t.

70% of the staff that are required a specific hygiene protocol, does not wash their hands, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).
26% Of patients in Argentina that contracts a disease while in ICU, dies.
100.000 Is the number of deaths as a result of HAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections) per year in the USA.
1 every 4 Doctors do not wash their hands properly.

Prevention is better

Inadequate hand asepsis has direct consequences, and many times, even irreversible.

- Diseases and avoidable deaths
- Lawsuits
- Image and Reliability irreparable damage

HANDSECURE® system has been tested and implemented successfully in:

  • Health Care
  • Quick service
  • Laboratories

  • Banks and
    Financial Entities
  • Food